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Product Description ◆ Integrated design of drying and batching drum, reduce initiate cost for customer;
◆ Simple structure, easy operation, drying while drum rotate in counter-clockwise direction(from burner), discharging while drum rotates in clockwise direction (from burner), and the wind are swirled in the center of the drum;
◆ PLC control, touch screen, auto/manual switchable;
◆ Towing chassis for easy transport and installation;

◆ Burner is available for coal、oil and gas, at customer’s option.

Business questions and answers:

(1) Question: what is the output on the parameter table? 
     Answer: the output on the parameter table is the output under working conditions. Standard atmospheric pressure under working conditions: 760 mmHg. Ambient temperature: 20℃; Specific gravity of aggregate: 1650kg/m3; Moisture content of aggregate ≤5%; Specific heat of aggregate: 0.21 Kcal/kg℃; Powder content: 5%; Asphalt content: 5%.
(2) Question: what is the fuel for the combustion engine of the equipment? 
     Answer: the combustion machine of the equipment has coal burning type, fuel oil type and gas type combustion machine, burn coal, diesel, natural gas respectively, the user can customize combustion machine according to the need.

 (3) Question: what is the power supply voltage and frequency? 
     Answer: when the standard power supply voltage of the equipment is 380V, the frequency is 50Hz. If there are special voltage requirements, the delivery time will be appropriately extended and the customization fee will be increased. 

(4) Question: how long is the equipment warranty period? 
     Answer: the warranty period is 13 months from the date the equipment leaves the factory. 

(5) Question: how is it transported? 
     Answer: our company is 80 kilometers away from xiamen port, the product is sent from xiamen port, the cost is about 2000 yuan /40 high container. 

(6) Question: what are the configurations of the products? 
      Answer: mobile double drum type asphalt mixing equipment by mixing host, electrical control cabinet and other components. The main part of the machine consists of rotary disc integral towing system, combustion (furnace) machine, ore hoist, drying drum, mixing drum, asphalt conveying and measuring device, stone powder conveying and measuring device, multi-tube dust removal device, air compressor, chassis and braking system, supporting foot and other main components. Finished goods bin, batching station, asphalt tank and two-stage dust removal system are optional parts. Two-stage dust removal system can choose cloth bag dust remover or water dust remover. Users can choose and match according to their needs.

(7) Question: where is the company? 
     Answer: my company is in fujian province quanzhou city jinjiang city keng town after industrial zone, see navigation. Technical Parameter (Swipe left to see more)

Model QCS-8 QCS-10 QCS-15 QCS-20 QCS-30
Capacity 8t/h 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h
Power Oil 24kw 27 kw 36kw 49 kw 83 kw
  Coal 40kw 46 kw 56 kw 73 kw 86 kw
Product Temperature 120-180℃  Adjustable
Fuel Consumption Oil:5~7.5kg/t Coal:13~15kg/t
Optional Coal miler,Wet filter ,Bag house filter,Control room bitumen heating tank
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