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Product Description
Model Capacity Hot Agg Bin Capacity Finshed Storage Bin Weighing Accuracy
QC-600 48 t/h 10m³ 600kg 30t/50t Aggregate:±0.5%
QC-800 64 t/h 10m³ 800kg 30t/50t
QC-1000 80 t/h 15m³ 1000kg 50t/100t
QC-1200 96 t/h 15m³ 1200kg 50t/100t
QC-1500 120 t/h 25 m³ 1500kg 50t/100t
QC-2000 160 t/h 40 m³ 2000kg 100t/200t
QC-3000 240 t/h 50 m³ 3000kg 100t/200t
QC-4000 320 t/h 70m³ 4000kg 100t/200t

Technical Parameter (Swipe left to see more)
Quancheng stationary asphalt mixing plant is a distinguished by low investment costs as a result of a high level mixing plant. With designing and efficient but inexpensive QC series asphalt mixing plant having 48-240 tones per hour output capacity. It is very suitable for the high grade highway construction.
QC series plants description and basic technical features environmental standards (optional with bag dust collection )
Dust catcher  emissions content                     ≤50g/Nm3  (standerd working condition)
Equipment enclosed area &cleaner                reliable and achieve international standards.
Emissions blackness                                      achieve  ringelmann class 1
Ambient noise                                                 ≤80dB decibel 
Indoor noise                                                    ≤70dB decibel

 Basic configuration 

 QC series asphalt mixing plant is a equipment suit to mix the asphalt macadamasphalt concretetar sandsmodified asphalt mixture etc for the project of high waymunicipal engineeringairport.
、Cold feeder system
 1、Cold bin
The cold aggregates storage bin adopts single fission structure design. Modular design,installation layout according to the site situation.Equipped with maintenance platform extra-large grid networklack of material testingthe outer wall has a broken arch vibrator sand storehouse.
2、Feed belt conveyor     
Cold aggregates storage use the skirt belt convey feeding,Each bin individually controlled by frequency converter and adjustment the size of cold bin exit door to adjust the feeding flow. ensure uniform feed feed ratemeasurementhigh accuracy,whichcan realize automatic control,belt feeder used no excusehigh strength,high wear—resisting rubber skirt belt.
 3、Aggregate belt,feeder belt.
The belt machine adopts special wear-resistant rubber belt without interface. The supporting roller of the belt machine adopts the built-in oil-sealed bearing for long-term work without lubrication. Belt inside and outside two sides are equipped with a sweeper to keep the belt clean. Both sides of the belt are equipped with automatic correction anti-deviation device and pull rope emergency stop switch to operate safely and reliably.
The feeder beIt adopts seamlesshigh strengthhigh wear-resisting rubbe belt.The oil seal of belt feeder roller and roller bearing with built -in type.It can work long-term and needn't to be lubricated.The belt feeder equipped with outside clean shave feederand belt tension adjusting device.It can reduce the damage of the belt caused by aggregate adhesive.
、Dry  heating system
 1、Drying system
The drum adopt the current heating formThe drying System using an integrated thermal system design technology,makes the system guarantee Stable Jobs and hasthe best thermal efficiency.
Burner adopted lhe latest fire control technology in the world . With the change of oil pump fan speed to realize the regulation of the proportion of fuel and air volume. Use the advanced way of Iow pressure without retum oil supply. Adhering to the European product safetyenvironmental protection energy saving.
、Bag dust removaI system
 Adopts the primary inertial dust removal and secondary bag dust collector.The bag use the Dupont“NOMEX“bagweight is 500 g/m2,Carbon concentration≤20mg/Nm3(standard working condition)blackness Salinger I level.
Ⅳ、The main building-mixing system
Adopt wear-resisting alloy double coin chain structure .Elevator drive reducer with prevent reverse devicelinear speed is low,stable running,low noise,less wear.
2、Vibration screening
 It is the vibration motor driven straight-line vibration screen. Vibretion motor adopts imported Italian brandfree maintenance .Screen used in a drawer of push-pull installations,with automatic spring tension,easy to change,longer life.
3、Hot aggregate storage bin
Super hot material storage warehouse,with rock wool insulation,high and low level indicatecylinder door with damping block control,prevent jam the door.
4、Metering system
Aggregate,powder and bitumen are using imported three pressure sensors. Measurement methods is accumulating measurement. Automatially divide the whole compensation guarantee the measurement more accurate. Feeding door bearing using free maintenance since the shaft sleeve greatly reduces the railure rate. and Longer service life.
5、Mixing system
The mixer blades and wear-resisting lining board are made with alloy cast steel,high abrasion resistance.On the mixer equipped with additives(SMA)and regeneration material incoming interfaceeasy to user extensions additive equipment and regeneration equipment..
Ⅴ、Powder supply system
1、Powder elevtor
With double row high-strength wear-resistant ring chain .Elevator drive reducer with prevent reverse device. Elevator  hopper mouth with special material structure processing. In and out  hopper mouth with wear-resisting backing board.
2、Powder storage tank
Powder hopper is linear monomers double barrel warehouse. Up part is ores powder hopper,down part is recycling powder hopper. Powder storehouse capacity can be customized according to user needs.The ores powder hopper with galls on powder device. At the bottom of the cone powder storehouse have spirit to break the archprevent powder arch.
3、Powder conveying screw
Ⅵ、finished storage silo
Compostie insulating layer
Storage silo it’s a rectangle hopper total 50/100tons vessel. Discharging agate Height 3.8m (up to client  )in-side have rock wool insulating layer warranty temp drop 5% when full-up discharging gate and both side equip electric heater storage silo design principle anti-segregation equip Hi-material position detector auto-alarm after full -up
Ⅶ、Pneumatic system
Consist of :0.6 m3 air storage tank two air compressor buffer tank pipeline cylinders and connecting kits .
Ⅷ、control system
Control room : 500mm×2200mm×2400m  
Business questions and answers:                                               

 Question 1: What is the output on the parameter table? 

Answer: The output on the parameter table is the output under working conditions. Standard atmospheric pressure under working conditions: 760 mmHg. Ambient temperature: 20℃; Specific gravity of aggregate: 1650kg/m3; Moisture content of aggregate ≤5%; Specific heat of aggregate: 0.21 Kcal/kg℃; Powder content: 5%; Asphalt content: 5%.

Question 2: What is the fuel for the combustion engine of the equipment? 

Answer: The combustion machine of the equipment has coal burning type, fuel oil type and gas type .Combustion machine burn coal ,diesel,natural gas. Dear customer, you can choose the type of burner according to actual needs.

Question 3: What is the power supply voltage and frequency? 

 Answer: The standard power supply voltage of the equipment is 380V the frequency is 50Hz. If there are special voltage requirements the delivery time will be appropriately extended and the customization fee will be increased. 

Question 4: How long is the equipment warranty period? 

 Answer: The warranty period is 13 months from the date the equipment leaves the factory. 

Question 5: How is it transported? 

 Answer: Our company is about 80 kilometers away from Xiamen Port, and the products are shipped from Xiamen Port, the cost is about 2000 yuan/40 high container.

Question 6: What are the configurations of the products? 

 Answer: The fixed asphalt mixing equipment consists of a cold feeder system, a dry heating system (including a burner), a dust removal system, a main building system ,a pneumatic system and a control system. The powder supply system the finished storage siloIs and the asphalt tank are optional items and the secondary dust removal system can be selected as a bag filter or a water dust remover and the user can select according to the needs.

Question 7: Where is the company? 

 Answer: My company is in fujian province quanzhou city jinjiang city keng town after industrial zone see navigation.
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